Sunday, October 9, 2016

The untold story of The Secret Goldfish

What was it that really attracted Holden Caulfield to his brother's short story The Secret Goldfish?

In Catcher In The Rye Holden mentions so many things that has had a some kind of impact on his life but he never actually tells you what it is about these things that he likes. I questioned this a lot. In the beginning he mentions a story that his older brother wrote, before he went to Hollywood. It kind of caught my attention so even though I couldn't get the story given to me, I could come up with what it might've been myself.

“Well mama, she’s my only friend, my only REAL friend; and if some of the the kids see how pretty she is maybe they will take her away from me. Just like someone took away daddy from me. Why is it that everything always gets taken from me? It just doesn’t seem very fair.”

Linked below is my excerpt of The Secret Goldfish
The Secret Goldfish - Excerpt 

After you may have read it you might've gotten a more clear understanding of what it was that really connected Holden to the story. For me while reading it I could kind of see or feel Holden's compasion for the little kid, and it was a sadness that struck him and that kept tugging at him in his mind. He sees that not everyone has the same luxury as him and he relates to Charles child like ways and innocence. 

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